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Please Note: We have redesigned our product packaging. You may receive the product in the old packaging design, but we promise this is the same great quality we are proud to sell for the last 30 years.

For use on any non-porous surface such as Ceramic, Metal, Plastic, Lacquered Wood, Candles, Glass and more. 

Be original, make your own decals, Make it more you. Our decal paper is used around the world by professionals and businesses to make gifts, ornaments, and decorations with excellent adhesion to glass, ceramics, soap, candles, nails and packaging. You can print your own designs effortlessly. Test your creativity and confidently create outstanding gifts at a fraction of the cost. Promote your business and stand out by printing custom logos and emblems anywhere. This is the best option within the SunnyScopa Waterslide line for items that can't go in the oven. Our patented decal paper is easy to use, versatile and the results are excellent, allowing you to create exceptional projects from the comfort of your home.


Reposition your decal after applying, eliminating any hassle associated with sticky paper.

The position is final; once you have used a squeegee to remove water and have let it dry. Leaving you with a durable, washable finish made to last.

Effortlessly personalize and brand any non-porous surface. Great for you and your business.

Please note: for dishwasher-safe and a filmless finish, please see our Waterslide Film-Free Decal Paper .

Nail Art, 

Like Never Before.

Print any designs from intricate paintings, illusions, messages, sketches to even photos.

Waterslide Decal Paper is used by professionals to create fascinating nails customers are proud to wear. The simple process ensures incredible designs are achieved swiftly, opening the manicure industry to potential for nail art designs never seen before.


A Soaper's and Chandler's favourite.

Our adhesion is so good it's famously used on candles and soap to convey messages or decorate with photos.


Clear (Transparent): No background, Great for any purpose. 

White (Opaque): White background. Original, Vintage style.

White Waterproof: Unique Inkjet option, no spray necessary. Matte finish.

Please note: Since printers are made to print on to white paper, they oftentimes don't print white ink. Therefore, if you intend to print an image with white color for a dark surface, you'll need a printer that prints white ink (White Toner Printer), or opt for the white decal paper.