Be original, make your own decals, Make it more you. Our decal paper is used around the world by professionals and businesses to make gifts, ornaments, and decorations with excellent adhesion to glass, ceramics, soap, candles, nails and packaging. You can print your own designs effortlessly. Test your creativity and confidently create outstanding gifts at a fraction of the cost. Promote your business and stand out by printing custom logos and emblems anywhere. This is the best option within the SunnyScopa Waterslide line for items that can't go in the oven. Our patented decal paper is easy to use, versatile and the results are excellent, allowing you to create exceptional projects from the comfort of your home.


For use in any non-porous surface as Ceramic, Metal, Plastic, Polish Wood, Candle, Glass and more. 



Clear • White  •  White (Waterproof) 

Clear for white or light-colored background. Decal film is clear/transparent so background color will show through the decal.

White for black or dark-colored background. Decal film is white so background color will not show through the decal. 

White (Waterproof) do not need fixing spray to seal the decals. Soft matt finish. 



A4 • A3 • 8.5"x11"(LTR)  • 11"x17" 

A4 (210x297mm (8.3"x11.7")), A3 (297x420mm (11.7"x16.5")) *For bulk orders and for paper sizes not in option, please Contact Us




For use with all domestic or professional inkjet printers. *See More Information on Printer. 


More Information (Photo Instruction ∙ Washing ∙ Storage & Shelf Life ∙ Printer & Printer Setting)


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