Metallic Rub-On Transfer Paper


Transfer papers do not require the use of water.
Simply print using any home or office printer and transfer your favorite image.

Shopping bag, Shipping box, Plastic models, Album cover,
Cards, Scrapbook, Labeling (box, file. folder, storage container)
Art textbook, Architecture model


Metallic Rub-On Transfer Paper 

  • Printing Papers(blue) + Coating paper(white) + Metallic film(e.g gold/silver)+ Adhesive Sheets(glossy white)
  • Suitable surface : Skin, Leather, Plastic, Wood, Glass, Metal, Ceramic, Fabric...
  • Requirement : Laminating machine.


For Laser Printer Only

* Use printers with a manual feed slot.
* Large format plotters and Samsung printers tend to be less compatible
* Under printer setting, set media type as 'label paper' or 'heavy glossy paper'. 


10 Color Options

Gold / Silver / White / Hologram Pattern / Hologram Plain / Red / Blue / Green / Pink / Bronze