The adhesive has no film when it is applied on the surface;
what that mean is that you apply on the surface of interest,
and remove the backing film, essentially leaving just an adhesive layer in the surface.
You can use this adhesive sheet to turn materials into a sticker;
these include printing paper, photo, film, artwork and foamcore.
The sticker will have no border or film covering the image.



Printout, Photos, Films, Artworks, Foamboard, Tattoo, Rub-off transfer paper and more.




* Clear - Glue layer is transparent
* White - Glue layer is white 



Clear / White

Our colour options for the glue layer are clear and white.




Paper size

paper size


The price will depend on the paper size and quantity.
For bulk orders, or for sizes not mentioned above,
please contact Sunnyscopa (



Other factors

Please note

  • Once applied, the glue layer dose not have film on top and this produces excellent results with hardly noticable presence.
  • You can leave the transparent backing on and remove any time you want. In this case, you can use it as a normal sticker. However, please be aware the if you remove this sticker, as the glue layer is transferred to the surface, there will be traces of glue remains.
  • The glue is safe to use on skin as the material is non-toxic.



  • Store in dry, cool condition, free of moisture. Keep the papers in a reclosable plastic bag.
  • The papers will last up to 1-2 years if kept enclosed in a plastic bag.