With Film Free Type A, B, M you are required to use our special glues. 

They are water- soluble glues that enhance the adhesion of the decal paper to the surface of the substrate.

GLUE W1+ / W2

Mount the decal on the surface where the glue is applied.

The choice of the glues can differ depending on the product and its usage.

You will about different curing methods depending on the glue, heat curing for the W1 and natural drying for the W2.




Application product

Film Free Waterslide Decal Paper (Type A, Type M).

* This product has two functions - to help with the adhesion of film-free and provide protective top coating. 

* Apply Film-Free decal paper on surfaces that do not absorb water - the best example would be ceramics, glass and metal. The film can then be removed after heat curing. Please do a few test runs for plastics, which might not work in some cases.  

* Top coat can be used for inkjet, laser and film-free decal paper by applying with a brush and baking afterwards. You can also let it dry naturally if you don't have tools to bake it. Top coat will not work on porous surfaces as they will also absorb the glue.



Application product

: Film Free Waterslide Decal Paper (Type B, Type M).

This glue is for surfaces that are not suitable for Glue W1 - porous surfaces such as wood, stone and plaster. You can either bake it or let it dry 3-4 hours naturally before removing the film. However this product does not have provide protective top coat.

* Shake well before use.


    50ml : 40 x 40 x 67mm (diameter x diameter x height)
    200 ml : 48 x 48 x 153mm 
    500ml : 63 x 63 x 194mm'
    * The values could slightly differ depending on the measurements.