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What is Film-Free Decal Paper?

What is Film-Free Decal Paper?

Winner of the 2014 Product of The Year by SGIA in Las Vegas. From the heart of South Korea, Sunnyscopa has been paving the way forward for the past 30 years since it's founding in the 1990s during a peak in technological development.



(Inventor and CEO) Sunny, coined the term "Film-Free" (or "film-freies") when releasing this groundbreaking product in 14/06/2014. Using Film-Free Decal Paper and a home or office laser printer, anyone was able to create professional quality decals. What sets this decal paper apart from others is it transfers only the printed ink to the surface, no leftover film. It's also far more durable and dishwasher-safe compared to other decal papers. Sunny created 3 types of Film-Free to - for the first time, allow for adhesion to any surface:


  • Type A: For smooth, non-porous surfaces. Primarily kitchenware.
  • Type B: For porous and uneven surfaces. Wooden surfaces, etcetera.
  • Type M: Strong adhesion to all surfaces. "Multi-Use".


With convenience in mind, Sunny kept the 'Waterslide' (or "muljeonsaji") technique when developing the Film-Free Decal Paper to allow for easier application and readjusting the decal before it starts to set. By using special glue and many carefully designed layers, the film that Waterslide Decal Papers are known for was removable by peeling the remaining layer away, leaving behind curable ink. Since the product's release, it's allowed for many businesses or DIY enthusiasts to create professional quality durable decals as a method of branding their kitchenware, drinkware, wax, and various other objects.


Shortly after the invention of Xerography, Inkjet Printing, Laser Printing, and the World Wide Web, CEO Sunny Lee was constantly innovating his range of water resistant decal papers during the creation of Photoshop, Computer-To-Plate, and early Windows and Apple operating systems. As printers were rapidly improving, many changes and improvements were made to Decal Papers, especially with the invention of Solvent-Based Inks that were prone to damaging certain Decal Paper material, overcoming many challenges.



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