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Why Decal Paper is better than Transparency Film

Decal Paper and Transparency Film are both popular materials for printing designs and transferring them onto various surfaces, but when it comes to versatility and convenience, Decal Paper is the clear winner with fewer limitations with many options available for various uses.


1. Decal Paper comes with Adhesive Pre-Applied

    The most obvious difference is unlike Transparency Film, Decal Paper is adhesive backed, while remaining completely compatible with most printers. This simplifies the process so that you can be more creative and instantly apply your decal with no glue necessary.


    2. Decal Paper is designed for a wider variety of surfaces

    This includes ceramics, glass, metal, wood, and plastic. It can also be used on curved or uneven surfaces, making it ideal for creating decals for cars, motorcycles, it can be used on kitchenware in Cafe's and Restaurants or simply used in model kits. On the other hand, due to the rigidity of Transparency Film, it is limited to flat surfaces like paper, cardboard, and presentation slides.


    3. Decal paper is easier to handle and apply

    Since no adhesion is needed, you can apply right away. 'Waterslide' Decal Papers can be applied after submerging in water and are unique in that you can slide the decal around on the surface until you are happy with the position, then the adhesive starts to set. No glue stains are left behind and no more sticky mess that Sticker Paper is known for.


    4. Decal Paper produces higher quality images

    Just like Transparency Film, Decal Paper requires the printer settings to be changed beforehand. However it is designed to produce higher-quality, vibrant images. Decal Paper is more receptive to printers, and even comes in white for brighter decals.


    5. Decal Paper has greater durability

    It is made with a special anti-yellowing urethane that can withstand the test of time, exposure to heat, water, and sunlight without fading or peeling. This makes it ideal various applications


    6. More Advanced and Creative options

    Decal Papers are more than just an alternative to Transparency Film. There are versions suitable for various printers; Laser, LaserJet, Inkjet, White Toner, Solvent or UV. With various creative options:


    • Film-Free Decal Paper is unique in that it allows you to transfer an image from your printer to a surface of your choice, by removing the film when you're done.
    • Metallic Decal Paper turns your printed image into a metallic colour of your choice. So you can make more impressive Decals.
    • Print On Decal Papers allow you to print directly onto a range of materials such as Cotton, Canvas, Adhesive, Magnet.
    • Rub-On Decal Paper is a high quality version of Sticker Paper, that is clear and provides better adhesion.


    With it's versatility, easy-of-use, high-quality, durable results, it's hard to not give Decal Paper a try for your next project. Whether you're a business looking to produce premium quality custom decals for your products or services, or simply an individual looking to create custom designs for a DIY Project, it is an excellent choice. So why not give it a try and see for yourself?